Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ghost Walk of the Fake Monk

Myth 1 : Nithya did Parivrajaka (wandering the length and breadth of India, mostly on foot) for 5yrs or more before the age of 22 which is claimed to be the age at his enlightenment!

Myth Busted:
Did he do Parivrajaka at RK Mission  where he spent 4 1/2 yrs+  immediately after coming out of  poly technique from an obscure institute from TamilNadu ? or
was he (22-5=) 17 when he left for Parivrajaka ( wandering) from RK Mission mutt?
was he (17 - 4 1/2 = ) 12 1/2yrs when he completed his 3 yrs  polytechnique after 10th grade.? or
was he ( 12 1/2 - 3 =) 8 1/2 yrs that is
was he less than 9 yrs when he completed 10th grade ( entry requirement for entry to Polytechnique)?

Does it mean his so called Parivrajaka is a Myth, it did not actually happen?!

See the visual timeline below!

Myth 2 : Mahavtar Baba met him and Blessed him when he was wandering  in Himalayas during Parivrajaka!

Ref Myth1 demystified , Nithya's  Parivrajaka period  is imaginary,
So his meeting with Maha Avtar Baba In Himalayas is a myth (during Parivrajaka)!

Myth 3.: Maha Avatar Baba calls RajaSekaran as Nithyananda when they met!?

Ref Myth 2 demystified. Nithya's meeting with with Maha Avatar Baba is imaginary.
So the name ' Nithyananda' has no connection with or blessings from Maha Avtar Baba!

Myth 4 : Raja sekaran got enlightened after Parivrajaka and was blessed by Maha avtar Baba

Ref Myth 3 demystified. You have guessed it right,
All the claims of Nithya's experiences in Parivrajaka - a big Hoax !

His claim to Enlightenment is a big Lie!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Myth Buster blog!!! We will have plenty of myths to bust... Nithy and his cult have generated so many many many myths, that it is sure to keep us busy for a while! And whats even more interesting is that he is churning out many more new ones every day!!!!

Happy reading!